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Contractor Licensing

In 1991, the West Virginia Legislature adopted into law Chapter 21, Article 11 of the State Code. This law was established to set specific professional guidelines for contractors as well as to protect state businesses and consumers who utilize their services. The new law paved the way for creation of the Contractor Licensing Board which is made up of state businessmen, contractors and construction specialists.

The West Virginia Division of Labor acts as the enforcement arm of this Board. Our highly trained inspectors travel the state performing routine inspections and investigate claims of unlicensed contractor activity.

Since its adoption, this law has raised the bar in our state to expose and eliminate those contractors who would perform substandard work or cheat our citizens out of their hard-earned money.

This program also ensures that all contractors pay their fair share with regards to workers wages and benefits, state taxes and worker compensation.

Contractors in our state have welcomed and supported the efforts of the Labor Division in this arena. They know that a climate of healthy competition for business in West Virginia is essential to the continued success of their companies, and that a level and fair playing field ensures that everyone plays by the same rules.


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